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A Review of North High by Ella -- Year 7


​Mackay North State High -- a Review

 Amongst all of the homework, assignments and exams that I’ve faced so far this year, the many opportunities available here at North have definitely got me through it.  One of these opportunities was the school production, ‘Alien Games’.  When I signed up, I had no idea that I would meet all of these people. Which brings me to my next point – the people,  Everyone is so nice and welcoming which makes it ten times easier to make friends.  You know those days where you just do not, DO NOT, want to get out of bed in the morning?  Well, I found that on those days, all I had to do was think about what day it was, and there was something to look forward to. 
Whatever you want to do, there will be some opportunity available.  Whether you enjoy sports, the arts, cooking or even woodwork, there will be something for you to do.  Honestly, I have loved my time at North so far, every single minute of it.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ella Sippel  (Year 7; 2015 Scholarship holder)