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Laptop program news


A recent visitor to our school was very impressed to see the number of students engaged with the laptops during the
lunch break as he walked through the school grounds. Also, impressive is the second nature in which the students are now using their laptops at school. That can be reflected in the numbers of students participating in the laptop take-home program.

The statistics are: 64% of year eleven students are participating in the program, while 83% of year nines and tens are particpating in the program.

The 1:1 Laptop Program started last year at Mackay North, but since then there have been changes made on how insurance claims are dealt with and processed. The vendors now decide which damage claims are accidental and which are non-accidental. As a school we will do our best to lessen the burden on parents on how this new policy is applied, but students do need to take extreme care with their laptops otherwise repairs may become costly.

Please find a hyperlink with an attached flyer regarding warranty for these computers at the bottom of this news article.

Here are some important tips for caring for your laptop:

  • Don’t use technology devices on soft surfaces (e.g. sofa, bed or carpet) because it can restrict airflow and cause overheating.
  • Avoid dropping or bumping technology devices.
  • Always shut down computers through the ‘Start – Shutdown’ mechanism.
  • Always package, carry and store technology devices in appropriate and secure carry cases for transportation.
  • Personalise technology devices with methods approved by the school, to ensure students do not get the devices mixed-up.
  • Don’t place objects on top of your laptop and never carry it around while it is turned on.
  • LCD screens are delicate - they don’t like being poked, prodded, pushed or slammed. Never pick up your laptop by its screen. Don’t slam the screen closed and always be gentle when moving your laptop around when it is on. Before switching your device on, firstly place your laptop on a stable surface and then switch on.


Please find the document link for understanding your laptop acer warranty below:

Understand your EQ Warranty.pdf (PDF, 338KB)

If you have any concerns about the laptop program or inquiries, please do not hesitate to call the school.