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BYOx Junior Secondary iPad Program

 Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of i-Pads?
Our students are living in a world where they have immediate access to information anytime and anywhere. Many students have personally-owned devices that can be used to allow them to learn in their own style and at their own pace. With digital learning, every student can access high quality and rigorous instruction, thereby maximising their opportunity for success in school and beyond.
Specific Benefits include:
§  Allows for personalised learning
§  Improved student learning outcomes
§  Improved collaboration
§  Give students greater choice and more independence
§  Creates a model for lifelong learning
§  Smooth transition between home and school
§  Allows for 24/7/365 access
§  Provides easier student access to online instructional materials
§  Supplements school resources and equipment
§  Normalisation of technology
What type of iPad do we need for 2018?
Year 7, 8 and Year 9 - minimum specification of iPad mini (128GB with Wi-Fi and Retina screen) or an iPad (9.7in - 32GB or 128GB) with Retina screen.
Where can I buy an iPad?
You are able to purchase iPad Minis direct from the Apple website, or purchase them from Matlida Internet, JB Hi-Fi, and Big-W. Please mention that the iPad is for school and you should receive a 5% discount. Also, these vendors may offer 10% discount for Apple Care and 15% for accessories. Please ask the vendor.
Will my child use his/her iPad all the time?
It is expected, that on average, students will use their device for approximately 20-50% of learning time at school in the iPad Program. However, this will vary between year levels and subjects studied.
Can my child use his/her iPads before school or during breaks?
Yes, students can use their iPads before school, during the breaks and after school. However, although the battery life on an iPad is good it can still be run down. Therefore, it is important that students do not over use their iPads outside of class time.
Will internet access be filtered?
The standard filter which is currently provided on the school network will apply to student iPads as long as students connect to the school network in line with the Acceptable Use Policy. 
Do you have advice about online safety?
The school will include a section on cyber safety in its school website.  Both school and parents will need to educate students on cyber safety. There will also be links to the federal government’s cyber safety website. Parents can access those sites. If you have any concerns please contact the school.
What if I need to remove my child’s iPad access as a discipline measure?
We understand that this may be required and we will support you where we can. Please advise the school so that we can inform the teachers and to make other arrangements.
Will an Acceptable Use Policy have to be signed?
Yes, and a copy of the relevant document will be available in Term 4 2016. Devices can only be used in class at the teacher’s discretion and should use them in line with the Acceptable Use Policy and Behaviour Policy.
What happens if a student uses a device inappropriately?
The Acceptable Use Policy and Behaviour Management Policy will outline the sanctions for inappropriate use of devices and network. Students and their parents will be required to sign agreements that these policies will be adhered to and that consequences of policy breaches are understood before network access is provided.  These documents will be accessible on the school website.
What about security, theft and damage to the physical device?
Devices will be the responsibility of the student. Students must take care in storing their iPads so that they are not damaged or stolen. Parents will be advised to review their insurance policies to ensure that iPads are covered outside the home, and to provide a suitable protective bag for the device. The school will accept no responsibility for the security or safety of the device.
Do I need a warranty?
We strongly recommend that parents take out AppleCare for the iPads. The AppleCare gives a two year warranty on the iPad as well as over the telephone support. Apple also supplies two year carry-in, walk-in support through Apple Retail Stores or Apple Authorised
Service Providers.  While research shows that students take much better care of a device which belongs to them than a school provided device, accidents do happen.
Should I insure my child’s iPad?
Yes. MNSHS strongly recommends that all personal electronic devices are insured against accidental damage, loss and theft. Personal electronic devices may be insured as separate items on your home and contents insurance. You should contact your insurer to discuss the availability of this option.
How will iPads be connected to the school network?
Students will be provided with wireless access on the iPad network after they register their devices and return their signed Acceptable Use Policies.
What is the policy for charging student owned iPads while at school?
It is expected that iPads are brought into school with a full charge. Students will be made aware that the school is not responsible to provide an opportunity or the necessary power to charge their iPads during the school day. This is also a health and safety concern.
What apps do I need to purchase for an iPad?
A list of educational apps will be provided by the school for iPads. These must be purchased and installed prior to the commencement of the school year.  Most educational apps selected will be free and parents should budget for some paid apps.
What is the policy for printing from personally owned iPads?
Students will be able to access printing at school in accordance to curriculum requirements.
What accessories are required or do you recommend?
All devices are required to be placed in a protective sleeve, cover or case. We also strongly recommend that students have a school bag which is suitable for transporting the iPad safely. (Please note that sometimes even placed in a sturdy bag or case iPads can still be broken if due care is not taken with the device.)
Will the school network be able to cope with so many iPads?
A thorough network audit has been undertaken to ensure that there is sufficient wireless network coverage for the number of students, number of devices and activities which will be undertaken as part of the iPad program. Mackay North has recently had an increase in bandwidth with new fibre optic cable has been laid in from the street. Also, additional wireless access points have been installed.
What technical support will be available to students in school?
There will be no formal technical support other than providing the wireless connectivity for students. Teachers will continue to be trained on how to best utilise technology to enhance the learning experience and learning outcomes of their students, although they are not expected to be technical experts.
What training will be provided for students?
As part of the introduction of an iPad program students will undergo training on the Acceptable Use Policy and the changes which have been introduced in the light of iPads. Students will also receive training on; file management tips and techniques, referencing and academic honesty, health and safety when using electronic devices, cyberbullying and cybersafety, plus anything else which the school deems appropriate.
What training will be provided for parents?
Information evenings and online resources will be available to allow parents to access the advice and support they feel they need. We would like to ‘tap into’ the talented and varied resource base within our parent-body so if you feel you could contribute to any parent training activities please contact the school.
What will happen with textbooks?
Our aim is to have all resource books on the device. Where possible, iBook textbooks will be used. Many textbooks designed for the Australian Curriculum are now available for the iPad. These books have additional functionality for note-taking and interactive resources. Where a textbook is not available as an iBook, eBooks (PDF versions) will be used.
Will we have to buy additional apps?
Yes. A list of apps will be communicated to parents in Term 4, 2015. Most will be free, however there may be some that will have a small cost. Where possible, costs will be kept to a minimum. As new apps and books are being created each day, there will be a need to add additional apps during the year. This will be communicated to families by the relevant faculties involved.
How will documents be transferred?
There are multiple means for transferring documents. Most documents will be transferred by email, ReadCloud or by OneDrive (when released to students. It will be encouraged that staff will mark drafts via electronic means. During lessons, where visual media tools are being used (e.g. video recording a science experiment), students will be projecting work through the Classroom app.)
What if we already own an iPad?
If one is already available, they are allowed to be brought to school. However, 16 GB, while sufficient for most resources, may need to have photos and video removed from it on a regular basis to maximise resource storage.
What will happen when my child gets to the senior school?
This device will be a useful tool for students to use during the senior phase of learning, however, this may not be the best device to use at that stage. Years 10 -12 students will be required to bring their own iPad or laptop in 2016. 
What if I can’t afford a device? Can I borrow one?
Loan devices will not be available from the school from next year. Families, who are unable to afford a device, are invited to meet with the school’s Business Manager.
Who can I contact for further information?   Please contact John Doolan, HOD of IT at Mackay North State High School at  or the John Doolan on 4963-1719 for further information.