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Senior Secondary BYOx Program

 ​​What is BYOx and how does it work?
BYOx is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students use their privately owned devices to access the network and information systems in an educational setting.
The schools wireless systems will be upgraded to handle access from private devices. It will be managed via a ‘concierge’ system, which will allow private devices to connect to the school network and EQ filtered internet. 
Is buying a BYO device for my child compulsory?
No. It is not a prerequisite requirement for any of the subjects at school. Teachers will facilitate the use of BYOx devices in class, but will not withhold the same level of educational instruction to those students who do not own a BYOx device.
That being said, access to their own personal laptops will be a distinct advantage when completing assessment, and will prepare students for 21st Century society where employers require their employees to be digitally literate.
Will computer rooms still exist with the BYOx program?
Computer rooms will still exist at MNSHS, but some rooms will be gradually returned to traditional teaching rooms. The computer rooms that will remain will be exclusively used for specialised computer subjects such as Graphics and Information Technology courses.
Do I need to buy Antivirus software for the BYOx device?
Yes. When logging in, the concierge system will check if the connecting device has antivirus software. If it does not have antivirus software, the concierge system will not allow the device to connect to the network.
Staff and students are eligible for discounted Norton anti-virus software for PC, Mac, and iOS devices. There are two prices for the software...
  1. $9.90/year for one device[1]
  2. $29.90/year for three devices1
For further information please visit the website listed below.
What brand and specifications does the school recommend?
As a government school, we are unable to recommend a particular brand or computer vendor.
As for specifications, it is a personal choice. The laptop must be able to wirelessly connect to the school network and must be able to access the internet and run basic programs like the Microsoft Office Suite. It is also suggested that you consider a device with good battery life (minimum of 6 hours usage time). Also consider after sales support and warranty options when choosing your device.
Most computer vendors in the Mackay area are aware of the BYOx program and can make recommendations for you based on your own personal needs and budget. (Please see page 6 for recommended specifications of devices.)

When can I bring my device to school?

Prior to bringing and using the device school, students must partake in 3 steps.
1.  Induction with IT HOD & School Network Administrator
2.  BYOx Charter signed, returned and processed.
3.  BYOx Connect software installed
Once all three steps are completed, students are able to bring their devices to school and connect to the network.
Is the school able to fix faults that the BYO device may develop?
No. The technicians at school are only able to provide assistance in troubleshooting connection issues to the school network. All other hardware or software faults must be handled by the manufacturer or computer vendor.
Can my child charge their device at school?
No. Students are unable to charge their device at school. Students must ensure that they charge their devices at home and use them responsibly to ensure they last a full school day.
Will Apple products work with the school network?
Yes. Apple products will work with the school network.
Will Android products work with the school network?
No. Android is an open operating system that works mainly in Chromebook laptops, and Chromebooks are not compatible with the school’s network system. Therefore, it is recommended not to use such devices.
What operating systems will not work with the school network?
Linux operating systems and windows mobile will not work with BYOx wireless systems. Refer to BYO Parent Handbook for an extensive list.

The battery of my BYOx device is flat or I forgot my device. Can I borrow a laptop for the day?

No. The school does not have federal funding to purchase additional student devices, but will maintain devices from the old fleet for equity reasons. Students, without their own devices, are required to use pen and paper, and transfer work etc., to their devices when they get home.

I am unable to purchase a BYO device for my child due to financial reasons. What options are there for my child?

We understand that the purchase of a BYOx device can be an issue for some families. As a school, we have a number of devices we refer to as ‘Equity” devices.

Can students use their devices in the lunch areas or outside classrooms during breaks?

We advise that students don’t use their devices in outside lunch areas during both first and second lunch. If students wish to conduct school work on their devices during this time, they should use the tables in the Library. Using laptops outside during the busy periods of morning tea and lunch increases the chance of accidental damage and loss.

My device has been damaged at school. Who pays for it and what is the process?

The owner of the device looks after the device. The school will assist in school based consequences for students who have damaged other student’s property as per school rules and policy. All repairs or replacement of each device is the responsibility of the device owner. The BYO Charter suggests investigating some form of insurance for the device. 
Do I need a warranty?
We strongly recommend that parents take out AppleCare for the iPads. The AppleCare gives a two year warranty on the iPad as well as over the telephone support. Apple also supplies two year carry-in, walk-in support through Apple Retail Stores or Apple Authorised Service Providers.  While research shows that students take much better care of a device which belongs to them than a school provided device, accidents do happen.
Should I insure my child’s iPad/laptop?
Yes. MNSHS strongly recommends that all personal electronic devices are insured against accidental damage, loss and theft. Personal electronic devices may be insured as separate items on your home and contents insurance. You should contact your insurer to discuss the availability of this option.

[1] Prices at time of publication