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All absences must be explained by way of a phone call or a note to the school by a parent or guardian. Where the student is a mature age or an independent student, a note or a phone call from the student is acceptable. (An independent student is one who does not live with a parent or a guardian and a mature student is one who is 19 years of age or older.)


A dedicated phone line to receive calls from parents to report their students' absence is available - ph (07) 4963 1660



In cases where the student will be away for more than a week or where the student is frequently absent because of illness, a doctor's certificate is required, and will be requested by the Principal.



If the student is in receipt of Youth Allowance, all absences must have a valid reason; i.e. moving, too wet to go to school, wet clothes, wet shoes, busy, personal reasons, appointments,etc. - will not be accepted or authorised by the Principal and Centrelink will be advised of the absence.



Independent students, mature students and Youth Allowance recipients must obtain permission from the Principal to leave the school and continual abuse of this will not be allowed. Centrelink will be advised of any unauthorised absences or continual absence from classes for invalid reasons. (This is when the student has in fact been marked present that day). This also applies to students who are frequently late. It should be noted by all students that any appointments with doctors, dentist, Centrelink, should be made, where possible, out of school hours.


In the case of other students who are absent from classes, parents will be contacted regarding the unauthorised absence. An SMS will be sent on the day of any unauthorised absence.  You may reply directly to the SMS or phone the school.   


Independent students should make the office aware that they come under that categoryand give the office their details, such as home address, phone number, emergency contacts, who they live with, and whether or not they are in contact with their parents.